Favorites: Sigur Ros

This is a band that I came to know very well after my first son was born. Miles was allergic to sleep. White noise was one of the only things that would help sooth him. We would blast ocean sounds, a recording of our hair dryer, and then we discovered his love of Sigur Ros. Looking back, it is hilarious that these droning tunes were blaring through the walls of our nursery. Check out their music video Glosoli. I wish all music videos made you feel something like this one does. It also doesn’t hurt that the children in the video are so dang beautiful.

Heima, a documentary from Sigur Ros is also a must see. Over a couple week period they traveled around Iceland performing free unannounced concerts in various venues. The beauty of the Icelandic landscape is phenomenal. I think if utopia exists, this is it. Well, it must be utopia if it birthed the genious of Bjork as well as Emilianna Torrini.

One response to “Favorites: Sigur Ros

  1. Icelandic bands rock – seriously thou I saw Sigur Ros live – incredible – they made my wife cry. Wonderful band.

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