Flea Market

Normally I’m the early riser and get to tease Jenna about sleeping in past 8…but today that was not the case.  She had to bribe me with donuts and Starbucks to get me out of the house and to the flea market with her…and I’m so glad she did!  I try my hardest to avoid hoarding at all cost, so today I took some pictures of things I so desperately wanted to snatch.

Okay so this one may be a little creepy…but it’s still amazing.

Seriously there is nothing like going to a flea market to make you feel stylishly inadequate, so thankfully Miles was with us to give us all the street cred we will ever need.

And like I said, she dragged me out of bed so you can’t judge either of us.

We seriously found some amazing clothes that I am excited to post in our store soon.  A sneak peek coming shortly…


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