first sentence.

Before the story begins you must know two simple facts:
1.       Simon refers to all pirates as “hoes” due to the use of “yo hoe yo hoe”
2.       Simon has speech delays which we have been seeing a therapist for.  To get one word out of him is gigantic and he had yet to string two words together.

So now the story begins…
I was playing my childhood Disney record and when it was over Simon ran over to me, looked up and uttered his first sentence: “More Hoes!”  I am so ecstatic for this in so many ways.  Never did I dream that such a milestone would also be absolutely hilarious.
So I’m normally not a huge fan of pirate wear…but there are ways to make it classy:

Okay so Lord of the Flies aren’t exactly Pirates…but still.

Little Sasha Schreiber does it perfectly here:

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