After too many car trips of listening to “The Bear Hunt” or “Circus Clowns” I swore I was going to drive us off the road if I had to listen to one more children’s song.  So for a couple of weeks Simon and I went through an extensive testing to find what music we could both agree on.  Trust me, I tried way too many bands to count (and Simon may be a tad bit picky with his music choices much like his father) but here is a list we compiled that you may find useful if you want to listen to music that you can both clap along to (I will make sure to add any new bands as we discover them together):

The Beach Boys

Dr Dog – Easy Beat

The Polyphonic Spree

The Shins

Vampire Weekend – I normally will go ahead and skip songs 2 and 10 to ease my conscious.
This is actually Simon’s absolutely favorite cd of all time.  If I take him out of the car before the song is over it’s quite the scene.
I still need to get the new cd and see if it meets his approval.


Belle and Sebastian

Make sure to note the cds that I actually chose.  Unlike my former 17-year-old self I doubt Simon would jump at the opportunity to listen to the Belle and Sebastian of yesteryear that High Fidelity warns us about.  Well that is, unless Simon is choosing his years of teenage angst early.

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