My House

My house celebrated it’s 100 year birthday this year.   I love living in a community where everything around me has nostalgia at its core.  A couple weeks ago a woman came to my house that grew up here as a little girl in the 50’s.  It was so great getting to learn some of my house’s history and some of the super weird things that have always baffled us (like the stove in the middle of the den).  She told us about sleeping next to the window as a teenager when she had Mono so her boyfriend could sit on the porch and talk to her.  I love stuff like that!  I wish we could find out more of our house’s history but it’s fun slowly putting the pieces together.

We’re hoping to put in hardwood floors in the den once we get our tax refund.  I’m so excited.  Last time we decided to start a home improvement project I was 8 months pregnant with Sam, so the timing wasn’t perfect…but I’m so glad it got done!

What makes me love my house are all the tiny details that are around every corner.

and yes…that is superman on my porch.  He said “SUPER!” this morning.  I almost starting crying out of excitement!  His speech is getting better every day and I’m so looking forward to having a conversation with him soon.

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