The end of an era

So it’s finally happened.  Before you judge me let me give you the entire story.

I have gone on three decades of being a huge book snob.  I can remember in fifth grade judging someone for ready Scary Stories as I was hauling through Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  I’ve always prided myself in my superior book choices.  I promise I love literature and meaningful novels.  That being said, I apparently am weak under peer pressure.  For months I have carried around Twilight in my purse just to patronize my friend who gave it to me to read.  I’m not a fourteen year old girl is what I told myself.  So I went into my boss’s office to pump (have no fear I kicked her out first); pumping is by far the worst part of my work day and a dreaded chore that I do for the sake of my beautiful little Sam.  Normally I am able to get a few minutes of pumping in while I check my facebook or read blogs.  Unfortunately I forgot my phone on this particular day.  So my only option to pass the time was to read the only book within reach…Twilight.  I figured it would be fun to read and make fun of, so why not right?  Suddenly I realized it was 40 minutes and 8 ounces later!  I am addicted.  It is now my crack.  I am no longer a book snob.  Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have changed me from a book snob into a reading junky.  Five days later I am on the third book.  I just thought I would now come out of the dark and confess my new appreciation for less than scholarly writing. 

So I’m now ready.  Judge me.

Although I will not post it out of fear of ridicule I did indeed try to find the designer of the grey pea coat that Edward wears in the movie as a gift for my hubby.  Turns out it was custom-made.

In my defense, at least Simon enjoys good literature.  Here he is reading A Confederacy of Dunces

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