the boys in my life

I have so many males in my life.  I am surrounded by testosterone.  On a daily basis I am headbutted, kneed, and hit with some flying object. Despite the destruction factor, I absolutely love having such curious, wild, and insane company.  Just because we had a tea party yesterday doesn’t mean anything.

Miles as a dinosaur knight in his bathrobe.  We hit the costume stores after halloween.  It’s amazing how many random dress up items you can procure. It always comes back to pirates, knights, and storm troopers.  He doesn’t even know what Star Wars is and he is still obsessed with it.  You cannot deny the power of the force.

Yes, those are coyboy boots. His lellow boots were soaked from the previous day’s romping.

This kid is insane.  I push him as high as the swing will take him and he still pulls the chains so that he bounces around.  He has no fear. We bought him a Spiderman Razor and the first hill he came across he hurtled himself toward, speed wobbling down, then flying head first into the dirt border.  He laid out on the grass, slowly picking at the blades debating his response.  When asked if he was okay he calmly replied, “no. that really, really hurt.” Then back up to do it again.

My sweet little Oliver.

How can you say no?


One response to “the boys in my life

  1. Oh how I love these little men! 🙂

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