So I am constantly getting compliments on my handbags, both my clutches and my big leather bag, which always leads me to brag about my sister-in-law.  Seriously, any cute bag I carry is of her design.  But not only my bags, she makes me my dog collars/leashes, pillows (I think you can see it in the pictures of my green chair from the patching blog), and even my iPod case.  Her name is Teka and you should be aware of her…because she’s a force to be reckoned with.  She makes eco-friendly leather accessories.  Much like my need to buy vintage, 80% of the leather she uses is repurposed so you can live guilt free that you did not indeed sentence this cow to death.  But in all seriousness, she is an amazing designer and creator and I’m blessed to have such creative productive people surrounding me.

Along with handbags she has so many other fun leather accessories…

Here is a laptop bag:

an ipod case:

Dog Collar:

and look at this cute little key chain pouch!

For more of her designs you can visit her etsy store:

Teka Designs


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