fraggle rock

So I’m honestly not a person who has ever liked to watch cartoons.  My husband always tries to advocate that “Pixar doesn’t count,” but to me it honestly does.  I would never be one of those adults who could go to a Disney movie without my kid (not that I’ve tried actually “going” to a movie with my kids yet).  Not knocking that person, I just am not a fan of kid’s movies or television.  I can say though that the term “Swiper no Swiping!” has come in quite handy and I am thankful to Dora for that.

However, this being said, when I heard that they are currently making a new Fraggle Rock movie, I did feel a twinge of excitement!  The Muppets will always hold a fond place in my heart, and if they aren’t going to make a new Muppet movie, Fraggle Rock is a close second in my book! 

My mom to this day still calls me beaker since half the time I talk no one can understand me; maybe that’s why I can relate so well to the muppets.


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