cliché, I know

So how cliché is it to post pictures of amazing women from years gone by and say you want to look like them?  Well that’s what I’m about to do.  I apologize already.  But seriously, I am so far from having grace or poise that I look at these women with admiration instead of inspiration.  We were just joking about watching me in a step aerobics class (oh yes, I took step), and how comical it is.  So I look at these and am in awe that they have class just by sitting or standing.


4 responses to “cliché, I know

  1. No Audrey? Really?

  2. Okay I have about a million pictures of her…but isn’t a given that all girls are supposed to aspire to be her? I felt way too obvious. I think I will dedicate an entire post to both her and twiggy when I’m ready.

  3. that was honestly my same reaction…where’s Audrey?

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