the benefits of hoarding

So today I came home and had the best surprise from my mother in law!  She actually had saved my husband’s clothes from when he was a kid and is now passing them along to my boys!  Seriously a table full.  I’m so grateful and so amazed.  I’m sorry but I’m not sure much of this will be passed on to the store because I would feel some sort of evil in that.  Some of the pieces were handmade by his grandma which makes them all the more precious.  It seriously encourages me to take the time to give handmade gifts, because it is honestly meaningful generations away.

of course it only took seconds for Simon to find the Spiderman sweatshirt…


3 responses to “the benefits of hoarding

  1. i thought EVERYBODY saved their dear childrens clothes!!!

  2. plus i always just hoped/knew there would be a you to pass them on to!!

  3. No, I’m the only one blessed with you

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