The Mandelier

I was browsing through an old copy of Details magazine (don’t ask…I was at work and it was there) and came across a quick blurb about “The Mandelier.”  This was a term coined by the designers at Workstead for a masculine chandelier.  I am actually on a big masculine kick right now so really enjoyed this.  Maybe it’s because of all the testosterone in my house, but I think I prefer these more than most frilly chandeliers:

So after finding these gems I went straight to the source and found these amazing pieces on the workstead website…seriously amazing.

4 responses to “The Mandelier

  1. I was thinking of making one of those pipe mandeliers. It doesn’t seem like it’d be too hard…

    Here’s a cool one

  2. it wouldn’t be too hard for YOU, Ms Jill of all trades.

  3. OK… for reals the first picture of the antler one… I know a family who has this in their cabin! So great!

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