More Creative Relatives

So maybe I should just make a regular habit out of sharing with you the talents of my friends and family.

This week I will show you one of the many reasons I want a girl.  One of my relatives by my sister’s marriage had a genius idea of making the cute little flower headbands (and hats) become interchangeable.  The flowers have little button backs on them so you can switch them around.  For the price you seriously can’t beat it.  She just made a vintage line that is so cute.  If you are having a girl and I am invited to your baby shower, you can pretty much count on your gift being a cute little vintage dress and one of these matching headbands.  Just saying.

Visit Birdie and Peanut here.

2 responses to “More Creative Relatives

  1. LOVE them all and the genious idea of button backs so they are interchangeable. I’ll be looking into these for Avery!

    • okay I thought I got you some of these for Avery! I am so sorry! Such a great idea right? And the headbands are super cute too even to wear without a flower in them.

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