Needs Not Wants

this jacket this outfit.

this jacket.

these socks.

this vacation.


2 responses to “Needs Not Wants

  1. great, now i need these things as well. especially the socks. and the vacation. i love your blog.

    • and I love yours! Aren’t those socks amazing? That’s the bummer of finding pictures on weheartit, because I want to know where to purchase them!
      Okay actually as a funny sidenote story that I can’t believe I am putting in writing…one of my friends loved the outfit that Kristin Stewart was wearing on the cover of Vaniety Fair (at least that’s what I’ll say to make sure she doesn’t sound like a total weirdo) and found a website that I think they should have for every actor: . So funny and amazing. and while you are there check out the oxfords they have at target. So great.

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