cushioning the fall

So last month I decided I needed to stop breastfeeding my little guy.  I was on medication that he was probably allergic to and I was given the option of pumping for 10 days or stopping.  I realized for my mental well-being there was no possibility of me pumping for that long. After a day of work I already feel like I should be eating grass and saying moo, so ten days of that would be evil.  Even though it was my decision I think the high level of hormones don’t help with how sad ending something like that is.  Not to mention the guilt that all your hipster hippy moms will give you with the way they smile and raise their eyebrowns and say they understand.  Well to all of you, I have a story.  Yesterday I put Sam down on the couch near Simon and left the bottle on the table as I ran to the kitchen to get a bib…and when I came back this is what I see:

I couldn’t inconspicuously take a pictures of the subsequent hair rubbing and smiling that Simon soon gave Sam.  Awww I am glad I am bottle feeding for this moment of brotherly bonding.

One response to “cushioning the fall

  1. So sweet. Love it. He will survive and be healthy, smart and wonderful even though you’re done nursing. Tell all the hipster moms to shove it! Again, precious picture! Yay for Simon the loving big brother.

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