So I’ve started my handmade gift kick…I truly hope it lasts.  From this picture you can figure out that any gift you receive from me will have been tested out by my boys.  I made this pillow for a friend who is moving and I think it cost all of $4.00 to make, so much cheaper than anything I could have purchased!  I’m slightly obsessed with going to the remnant section at the fabric store and buying random fabrics that I later get to figure out how to make functional.  This one was big enough for a pillow thankfully!

We are getting a new neighbor and I am all amped up to actually make some sort of desert basket to bring to them.  I really have these huge aspirations to be thoughtful, it’s just following up on them that actually takes too much effort. 


One response to “remnants

  1. I need more info on this so called remnants and where to find them. I have been having random impulses to sew. I never have sewed so I am struggling with this impulse and what to do with it. Anyhow cheap remnants is probably a good place to start. 😉

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