weekend projects

So this Saturday night Jeff took me out for a date and we had an hour left to kill before the babysitters (aka grandparents) had to leave so we thought we would head to the fabric store.  Because yes, that’s how we enjoy our dates to end.  So Jeff got fabric for his cds and I decided to start two new projects this weekend!

First a gift for our new little bundle of joy (well not ours…but close enough) our friend’s new daughter Piper:

here is the back…

I tried to embroider her name on the front of the bib…but it’s a little hard to read.

Then project number two was a blanket for Simon (and Sam’s will be next weekend).  I figure he needed a big boy blanket and not all this baby stuff.  So I made a completely obnoxious boy blanket full of all the things he loves. 

Instead of batting I used a fleece back and it seemed to work out pretty well.

And yes…that’s Sam over by the fireplace.  He’s become an expert backwards scooter…so if we walk away for a couple minutes we normally will find him in a corner somewhere.


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