personal style

I was once described by a coworker to have the style of “a slutty version of little house on the prairie.”   This may offend most people but I actually took quite a bit of pride in this.  Mind you I don’t dress “slutty” but if you were to compare me to Ma, you may think so.  So I’m wondering if the movies I watched as a kid influenced both how I dress today and who I am.  After looking at these pictures I’m afraid they may have!  I realize all of the “women” I looked up to as a kid have the same impatience and quick tongue that I have.  My first and foremost favorite show as a kid was Little House:

Then of course there was Anne of Green Gables which I probably watched once a week:

Little Women was read and watched on a monthly basis…

Shirley Temple was a staple of 90% of the movies I watched…]

and I can’t forget Pippy Longstockings…which after finding this picture I think I like her even more now.  Seriously I’m pretty sure we have laws against this now.

One response to “personal style

  1. Candace Colomac

    I loved all these as a kid too!

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