vegan eats

So like most American teenagers I went through a phase where I was vegan.  Mind you I understand that it’s not a phase for a lot of people…but for me it was.  This part of my life actually taught me so much about cooking, eating, and even buying.  It’s still hard for me to buy proctor and gamble to this day based on those years…so I’m okay with that.  Anyway, this time in my life has given me an intense love for vegan restaurants.  My friend Kelli and I had our 18th birthday party at a vegan place called Alisans that is now long gone.  I have searched high and low trying to find it again…but to no avail.  Well last month we discovered a vegan restaurant in walking distance from our house and I couldn’t be happier!  It’s called The Loving Hut and I really do think it’s great food.  It’s not your straight up vegan Asian food, but it’s a nice variety of foods done well with a Vietnamese influence.  The prices are seriously ridiculously good too.  Last night the four of us (mind you only three of us eat…but they gave me banana for Sam!) ate a meal (which includes left overs) and it was only $16.00 for all of us.  So yay, I’m a happy girl.  Turns out it’s an international non-profit so there are restaurants with the same name all over the world.  To find one near you click here.

3 responses to “vegan eats

  1. where is it ? that looks good !

  2. i want to go here IMMEDIATELY! it looks so tasty!

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