you snooze you lose

So about a month ago literally five of my friends ordered these shoes from Target.  I have been on a huge task of not putting any debt on my credit card so I decided to wait until I had the cash…AND NOW THEY ARE GONE!  Ugh.  For $24.99 they were a pretty good deal I’m going to say.

So the website we originally found this on (which I credit to Jenna…and for her embarrassment level I will not say what it is) gives suggestions on how to wear the shoes.  So funny…but so right.

and the reason I want them…

oh and I can’t forget the way they were actually found…haha


2 responses to “you snooze you lose

  1. Candace Colomac

    They have similar ones at urban for 25.00! Go get them they are so cute!

  2. Seriously! Seriously. I am embarrassed just by the vague discussion of where my internet travels take me. And who is kstew anyway 😉

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