the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round

Simon goes to a school for children with special needs.  Most people when they hear this give me a polite smile and sometimes apologize.  That is so sweet.  But honestly I should apologize to you…because my son’s school is amazing.  I am with him through the entire process so I can’t really bust out a camera to capture moments since normally I am busy chasing him.  But last week I grabbed my camera phone to try to show you a brief glimpse of how great our weekdays truly are.

Simon has nicknamed all of the different swings he has in OT.

This is the Monkey Swing:

Then there is the Spiderman Swing:

Not pictured are the Superman Swing and the Baby Swing.

Then he’s off to speech where he gets to wear awesome hats like this and toss around pirate money (also another term he’s coined…but when he says it it’s actually “Arrg Money.” (this picture was actually taken as he took his hat to Physical Therapy).

The hardest shot of the day was to snap him play in (and under) the parachute.

People seriously spend so much money to have this education for their toddler and I am blessed enough to get it for free.  It has helped my little man so much and if anyone ever wants to talk about getting help for your little one or the struggles that come with that I would love to help.


3 responses to “the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round

  1. OMG…I have that wind up clock toy. We played with it all the time when we were kids. My mom has it at her house now. =)

  2. oops I commented on the wrong post. oh-well. you’ll get it. =)

  3. Children do not have to be perfectly “healthy” to be Perfect. I loved this post.

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