Jill of all trades

So I figure it’s time for a weekly update on my insanely talented friends.  Tiffany is a girl I went to high school with apparently.  At least we share the same yearbook although I have no recollection of her years ago.  She is only three years younger than me, but if she wasn’t busy listening to jawbreaker at the time I probably wouldn’t have met her (refer to my About Me and I think I explain what a weirdo snob I was).  When we met a couple years ago one of the first things we talked about was the fact that she fixes up cars.  Yes, like real cars.  On another occasion she was explaining to me how easy it would be to lay hardwood floors…because yes, she can do that too.  Then in the last bit of shocking news I found her blog.  Apparently she can sew and has great style.  To top it all of she is beautiful.  Basically I hate this girl.  That’s what I’m trying to say.  People who are talented, nice, and pretty are obviously evil.

Here are some of her amazing seamstress endeavors.


follow her blog here.

One response to “Jill of all trades

  1. You’re kind of totally amazing, Amy, my dear.

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