super easy dinner

So in our group of friends whenever someone has a baby we all take them dinner for a couple weeks.  The weeks after both Simon and Sam I think were the best I’ve ever eaten.  It’s a great way to get fed while introducing your little one to the extended family of friends.  I normally just purchase dinner and bring it over because I never have any idea what to cook for other people.  During the crucial age where one normally learns to cook I was strictly vegetarian (or vegan) so the idea of cooking meat for other terrifies me.  I’m so bad at it.  However, not everyone else will enjoy my sweet and sour tofu.  I’ve finally found the happy median and was able to make it for a friend this go round.  Seriously…insanely easy and we really enjoy it.  Eggplant Parmesan with a side of Mac (actually I use Penne) and cheese, as well as some bread.

Bread and Fry up the sliced eggplant

Literally just place it in a pan and pour Arrabiata sauce and cheese over, and layer.

Then cook for like 20 minutes to melt everything together.

and an easy homemade mac n cheese so the siblings can eat too!

oh! also a great investment are those silly little tins…they were like $6.00 for 30 at Costco and now no one needs to worry about giving me back my Pyrex!

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