So jeff has two weeks off and I’m already coming up with a nice long list of things for him to do.  I don’t want to be that wife…but I am.

One of the things that I really want redone is my bedroom.  It gets seriously no light in there at all, so I want to paint it a light color, and I’m contemplating wallpaper on one of the big walls.  I go back and forth on this because I become afraid it will get too busy…but I’m contemplating.  My problem is my taste is so out there that I fear I will get it up and hate it.  Plus finding something that is in my price range is an entirely different topic.

and I so want to do something like this for my boys…

2 responses to ““vacation”

  1. I saw Mr. Mayfield fixing your tree in the front yard yesterday. He said it was leaning. Was that on you list? The honey-do lists are a must. I support them 100%.

  2. OK… the bottom wall paper with the lion cut out. THAT was the wall paper in my nursery! No joke. NOT the lion version… but the print ALL over every wall! I will find a picture and show you. hahahaha.

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