catch up

Sorry I’ve been a horrible blogger this week, and I’m guessing the next to come.  With Jeff home on spring break I didn’t realize how little time I have for myself (or want for that matter).  We’ve been crazy busy trying to enjoy the good weather and we have also been getting assessments for Simon this week.  Way too much going on.  I want to be a housewife of the 50s in order to catch up.  Oh…and I’m not being pretentious here…if I didn’t need money I would love to be able to clean, and cook, and stay home while the children are home.  My mom stayed home when we were kids and all of my friends were jealous.  Everyday we came home there would be cookies waiting for us and either chocolate milk or a malt depending on the weather.  Seriously amazing.

and my favorite minus the black eye…

I would even love to dress like this.  Although Suzanne…I know you would make me to trim the skirt and lower the neckline…and that’s what friends are for.


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