You’re right…my kryptonite

Also I keep meaning to share you something else that someone gave me…it’s an amazing blog and I know all of my crafty friends will be interested.

Here is the link to the blog… Dosfamily.

This blog is written by two girls from Sweden;  Isabelle Halling McAllister and Jenny Brandt.

It’s just a cute blog about modern families and a good reminder that Europeans are cooler than most of us (and I say most…because I just love me some America).

Every time Jeff and I go on vacation we play a game called “Red or Blue” where we try to figure out if someone’s passport will be red (european) or blue (American), and we’ve gotten pretty good at it.  These girls are definitely red.

Here are some gems from their website for a sample:

One response to “You’re right…my kryptonite

  1. hahha. Funny!

    Thank you for linking to us. I love America too!

    Have a great day.

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