fear of the beach

When I talk about being afraid of the beach I mean specifically after having two children.  I am not talking about getting them prepared for beach weather…I’m talking about the fear of putting on bathing suit after having had two children.  It’s so cliché…but it’s a cliche for a reason.

Honestly I can say how lucky I have been in the past that I have never really worried about what I look like in a bathing suit; but that has all definitely changed.  I used to dread going to summer camp as a high schooler and being forced to wear a one-piece.  Now I couldn’t be thankful enough for the idea of a one piece!  I’m not talking about those new sexy one pieces that reveal more than most two pieces…I’m talking about a legit one piece that hides all of the areas that need hiding!  So the search has begun.  I want something that hides the evidence of children, yet doesn’t scream “I’m wearing a bathing suit from 1930!”  Here are some suits to search for:

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