pure joy

I can’t believe I didn’t share this earlier.  I was positive I did…but I can’t find it so I may be rehashing this beauty…but I’m okay with that.

So Kristin, Simon, Sam, and I were walking the other day to go play with Miles and Oliver (aka Jenna) and right in the middle of the sidewalk was a gigantic canvas laying face down.  I mean it was big enough that no matter what was on the front it would be worth it to take it just to use as a canvas.  But then Kristin picked it up to reveal what is purely amazing and would bring joy to anyone’s heart. 

we named her rose because her pose reminded us slightly of the titanic movie.

We tried to get home in time to hang it up in her sister’s room before she got home…but the reaction to showing it to her was just as great:

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