Mother’s day

This year was an amazing mother’s day thanks to my amazing boys.  I got breakfast in bed (which Simon ate half of) and enjoyed a day at the tidepools with the family.

We decided it was a midwestern kind of day…even at the beach.

Here are my amazing gifts.

I am a sucker for anything the kids make (husbands take note this is adorable)

I also got my favorite boots fixed (I danced right out of the soles), along with a renewal of ReadyMade Magazine.

This morning I got an extra Mother’s day surprise that brought tears to my eyes.   I love constantly being reminded that I live in an amazing community with amazing women and friends.  When I walked out to take the boys to the car I found this:

The fact that my friend took the time to hand make the bag already amazed me.

inside was a typed little note about what a mother is and it seriously was just what I needed this morning.

Inside were three adorable little flower clips.  Like I already stated…I’m a sucker for handmade.

I already wore one today and it was a great reminder of what an amazing day Mother’s day was.


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