Outdoor Overhaul

So every summer I’m not quite sure what gets into me but I get an overwhelming desire to fix up our backyard.  Actually obviously what gets into me is spending so much time outdoors.  Last summer I was satiated by indoor projects and by being way too big fat and pregnant to be outdoors.  This year the ideas are coming, and hopefully soon my desire to start creating will be there.

One of our main project which actually the city is forcing us to do, is take down our back laundry area and make a back patio (okay they are only requiring the first half…but it’s only natural to replace it with usable space!)

I really would love a place that I could sit and watch the kids play that is shaded and above the dirt.  I love porches. 

So first…a patio cover.

I’m actually more into the vine idea on second thought…how good would wisteria smell?  Or even Jasmine?

then a floor…I love big planks

I am slightly obsessed with the patio table in this month’s Ready Made magazine…made out of pallets!

and of course succulents to top of my brand new porch steps.  So adorable.

I also want to copy Jenna and dedicate my side yard to gardening.  I’m sick of my little pots and I really want to commit.  So when I can muster the energy square foot gardening it is!

on a side note I love this for my back fence.   If only the city would let us go above 6′!

One response to “Outdoor Overhaul

  1. love love love it! If you need any assistance, I’ll make us some cute tool belts. No, really.

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