Our New Lives

We went to visit the Teranishi’s this summer at their home in Vashon, and I realized it has been a solid year since I’ve blogged.  After my hour long conversation with the best girl in the world (Suzanne), I realized that I should probably start up again, if for nothing else to diary my life with my wonderful boys. 


So in the last year our lives have completely changed.  The Teranishi’s moved to Vashon Washington, Simon has started at a new school, Sam has become a person of his own, we are going to a new insanely amazing church (Tree of Life), and all around I could say that life couldn’t get much better.  I’ve started to even more so enjoy the idea of community and friends and am blessed with the best friends a family could ask for.


Oh!  Also I’ve started a sewing group on a bi-weekly basis so I have much to share about our projects.  We call ourselves Needles and Knockers…oh and Stiches be Crazy!

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