My newest love…


My friend Bonnie casually told us about this website/app at Stitches B Crazy (our sewing club), and I’ve become enamored with it. 

Here are a couple of ideas on my bulletin board for the kid’s room:

I seriously want to do this in my boys room…

Source: click on photo


Girl’s Night

So a week after seeing her she’s back down for a wedding so we took this opportunity to enjoy a girl’s night dinner!

Hume Lake. With Loved Ones.

The last stop on our trip was a week with some of the best people on earth.  We had a relaxing time with friends and family enjoying the scenery and each other!

There are so many people who for some reason I can’t find good photos of at the moment that came on this trip and made is so special!  So I love you even though you don’t see yourselves here!

Goodbye Washington, Hello Dunsmuir

We left Vashon in the middle of the night (when you have to work around the ferry…that was pretty much our only early morning choice), and headed south back to California.  I had found a hotel in Dunsmuir that was a railroad park and each car was a room.  The boys seriously loved it.  What we loved, was the amazing falls we found nearby.

to get to these falls you had to walk along a railroad track.  When the train came by we had a very sincere reaction from both Jeff and Simon.

Date with the Billhoits

We got the pleasure of doing some afternoon exploring with our favorite people…

Yes we did indeed refer to them as the gay dads.

Seattle Art Museum…and my little Sam.

This is Tristan becoming Simon’s favorite human.

I couldn’t resist.

gum wall.

Apparently we all really like forearm tattoos.

Laura Palmer understands.

So I had a dream of mine fulfilled on this vacation as we visited both the diner and the falls from twin peaks.  I’m a dork.

the perfect book for Miles…

Our gracious hosts…

Alpacas and Crabs

In the morning the girls and kiddos went to the next door neighbor’s house to visit with the Alpacas while the men went and caught us some crabs!