My next assignment

After having Kristin’s cupcakes and cookies with nutella frosting I’ve decided it is about time I try to make my own…


Happy Birthday Sexy Husband

Jeff’s Birthday falls on September 11th.  So birthday parties are always slightly awkward, but this year was actually wonderful.

Our friend Bobby donated his services to make a day of brewing our own beer!  It was a wonderful afternoon filled with so many people we love!

Simon was truly interested…


It’s great when I realized that I haven’t even known them a year, but would consider them some of our closest friends!



Beautiful mamas…

with their beautiful baby girls…

Having the Carafano’s back in California is about to change my life in a very good way!  And every now and then they even open their eyes.

some of the best girls in the world.  I know that because as I am posting this Simon is sitting on my lap and just pointed and named each one of them.  That says a lot.


Tristan getting the honors of adding the hops.

Our friend Beth made this amazing arrangement…seriously?!

Fun times!

After hearing about it for ages we finally took a field trip to m&l fabrics! I was sincerely amazed! I was also too overwhelmed to take any photos of our shopping experience, but did manage to get in a shot of the kiddos taking a rest.

I also just found a small picture of the large section of the oil cloth!

and my little helper…


I’m loving my mornings alone to get to know my Sammy.


Cooking and gardening!

Finally with jeff back at work and Simon back in school we have gotten back into the routine of life. Somehow this makes me want to start cooking again!

I found this amazingly easy recipe for goat cheese, lemon, and asparagus pasta. It made so much our neighbors “had” to join us for the evening and there are still left overs.20110830-105419.jpg

Another nightly staple for us is bruchetta. We honestly have it almost every night since our tomato plants are producing at an alarmingly amazing rate!20110830-105444.jpg

I seriously wrestled with them for over an hour today trying to straighten them out and they are still a mess…but making excellent tomatoes! At least I learned for next year to actually space them out!



Sam turns two!

I really can’t believe my baby is two. It’s been two full days and it’s finally growing on me enough to write about it and share some photos. I am so excited to be getting to know my little man for the fun, caring little guy he is.






Our friend Salley made this amazing outfit for Sammy. Once her website is up and running I will be sure to share. Her sewing will blow you away!

Simon is way too cool

We had our sewing night last night and Simon got this gem from me this morning…(and Sam is just too cute to resist a photo opp)